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This page is provided as helpful translation, please note only the French version is considered up to date, accurate, and in force

Legal notice drawn up in accordance with French Law No. 2004-575 on Confidence in the Digital Economy.

This site is hosted by

netcup GmbH
Daimlerstraße 25
76185 Karlsruhe
Telefon: +49 721 7540755-0
Telefax: +49 721 7540755-9
E-Mail: mail@netcup.de

As required by law, netcup GmbH will store connection data to the hosted sites for a period of fourteen days if they are no longer required for other purposes (e.g. to defend or assert claims).

On the basis of connection logs, a statistics management tool measures the number of visits, the number of pages viewed and visitor activity on the sites. This information, which is not personally identifiable, is accessible only to the owners of the sites.

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Last Update : 2023-08-15
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